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Note that most of the instances with a A+ grade in CSP column in this site are not fully functional - for example auto-completion may not work.

List of public Searx instances

Meta-searx instances

These are websites that source from other searx instances. These are useful if you can’t decide which Searx instance to use:

Table 1 Meta-searx instances

clearnet host

onion host


source selection method

extra privacy features



Comodo (Verification)

Redirects users directly to a random selection of any known running server after entering query. Requires Javascript. Changelog.

Excludes servers with user tracking and analytics or are proxied through Cloudflare.

Searxes @Danwin

onion v3 hidden service

Let’s Encrypt (Verification)

sources data from a randomly selected running server that satisfies admin’s quality standards which is used for post-processing

filters out privacy-hostile websites (like CloudFlare) and either marks them as such or folds them below the high ranking results.

Alive and running

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Public instances listed here may yield less accurate results as they have much higher traffic and consequently have a higher chance of being blocked by search providers such as Google, Qwant, Bing, Startpage, etc. Hosting your own instance or using an instance that isn’t listed here may give you a more consistent search experience.

Running in exclusive private walled-gardens

These instances run in walled-gardens that exclude some segment of the general public (e.g. Tor users and users sharing IPs with many other users). Caution: privacy is also compromised on these sites due to exposure of cleartext traffic to a third party other than the website operator.

Running with an incorrect SSL certificate