Plugins can extend or replace functionality of various components of searx.

Example plugin

name = 'Example plugin'
description = 'This plugin extends the suggestions with the word "example"'
default_on = False  # disabled by default

js_dependencies = tuple()  # optional, list of static js files
css_dependencies = tuple()  # optional, list of static css files

# attach callback to the post search hook
#  request: flask request object
#  ctx: the whole local context of the post search hook
def post_search(request, ctx):
    return True

Register your plugin

To enable your plugin register your plugin in searx > plugin > And at the bottom of the file add your plugin like. plugins.register(name_of_python_file)

Plugin entry points

Entry points (hooks) define when a plugin runs. Right now only three hooks are implemented. So feel free to implement a hook if it fits the behaviour of your plugin.

Pre search hook

Runs BEFORE the search request. Function to implement: pre_search

Post search hook

Runs AFTER the search request. Function to implement: post_search

Result hook

Runs when a new result is added to the result list. Function to implement: on_result